Kuba Bartwicki

A Poster a Day

8 days, 8 posters. Loosely themed experimentation with the A2 form.

Soul Metal

A fictional record label.


A hand-drawn publication that serves as a documentation of the Summer of 2013.


Equaliser is the first people-centric music magazine and your narrative of the London music scene.


Interface designer at Swipe, since early 2013.

Take Me Home

A bike rack that questions forms in interior design.

Shelters, Screens & Tents

An essay by Vilém Flusser, republished in the form of a newspaper. First exhibited February 2013 at House Gallery. 100 copies, screen printed, broadsheet size.


A type specimen for a concept typeface. English alphabet, non-English characters. October 2012.

Found Object

Graphical representation of an object (fairy hedgehogs). A play on the associations with heaven and hell. November 2012.


A movie on discovering a pattern within the irritating. January 2013.


Part-time interface work, February 2012 - late 2013. Making things work for people from Oslo.

Independents United

On-and-off interface work for London's marketing agency, July 2011 - early 2013.