Hello and cześć – my name is Kuba and I’m a designer in London.

Currently, I do design for Government Digital Service. So far, this involved making procurements easier for humans and offering service design support to other departments.

Before, I did websites and other digital things at Tate. Majority of the time, this meant design and writing HTML/CSS. I spent a lot of time learning about problems, questioning solutions and testing them with our audience. Have a look at exhibitions & events, art terms, artworks, editorial or ecommerce.

Previously I’ve done this, and more, for Swipe. I designed the website and a large chunk of the app. Check out the homepage, tour, help center or dashboard (you need an account to see it).

Some years ago, I founded Equaliser, a music magazine which puts a spotlight on the people in music; their stories and experiences. Over the course of 3 years, we’ve published writing by London’s best journalists, played on radio, and hosted parties across the city. Read online or peek the posters for a party with Map.ache, a day party in Peckham, or an afternoon at Rye Wax.

I do furniture, too. Together with my friend Horia and my dad, I made a standing desk which goes up and down with the turn of a crank. It’s used by people in offices of thisispaper, Clearleft, and Google. It looks like this, like this or like that in the workshop it is made in. Get in touch if you’d like one.

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